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At this watch shop you can buy your favorite watch online

Are you and your legs tired of looking for the perfect watch? Have you considered looking online? Aevig has a beautiful collection of watches which you can buy in their online watch shop. Are you not familiar with this watch brand? This brand was created in 2013 and is named after the ancient Norse word for ‘eternal’. Their name truly reflects their vision as they want to create watch that are timeless. Their founder has a background in arts, design and filmmaking which really shows in the creative vintage designs of this watch brand. Read on and discover more about their diverse collection of watches which you can find in their online watch shop.

Look for your favorite watch online

Whether you like watches that catch people’s attention or you’re more into subtle designs, Aevig has the perfect watch for you. Do you like titanium cases? Then you will probably love their Thyïlea GMT sports watch. This watch’s design is inspired by tv’s from the 70’s, which you can see in its squared shape and its case and strap that are completely in titanium. This watch allows you to keep track of the time in two different timezones. Do you prefer watches with a round shape? Do not worry, they have all sorts of other watches! Take the Thor dress watch, named after the Norse god of thunder, for example. This watch breathes simplicity, which is perfect if you’re a fan of more subtle designs. It’s the perfect watch to wear to the office or for smart-dressed occasions. Did you find a watch that you like, but is the strap not really your thing? This online watch shop also sells straps which you can use to customize your Aevig watch! Do you like the Premium NATO strap? Or how about the Firehose strap, made from decommissioned hoses? The choice is all yours.

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