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Become An EA Member And Enjoy FIFA 21 Rewards

FIFA 21 players have many ways to get rewards. From in-game items that are acquired as a prize for completing activities to Twitch drops, many ways allow players to boost their game. The EA membership program is another way through which you can get rewards. Let’s see what rewards you will get for joining this program.

All EA members get a 10% discount for their purchases. This refers to digital purchases. You can get EA games for a nice 10% off, so if you are into other EA SPORTS titles you can buy them without paying full price. You will be glad to know that FIFA 21 points count as digital purchases as well. Become a member and get your points for 10% less. This is a general reward but some rewards give you specific items for FIFA 21. The Vapor stadium set is one of them. You will get a unique kit, crest, theme, and tifo for your stadium.

Claim this reward and expand the customization options for your stadium. This is a feature that is newly introduced in the series with the 2020 release. The Shark stadium set is another customization option for your stadium. Just like the first set, this one also comes with a kit, crest, them, and tifo. These sets are cosmetic items but there is more to the program than that. As an EA member, you will enjoy a seasonal XP boost. The season 1 boost is available until the 20th of November. Once the first season ends, the second one begins and you have a boost for that as well. This boost comes in handy if you plan on getting to level 30. This is the max level that you can achieve for each season. As you can imagine, great rewards await those who manage this achievement.

EA members get access to new games faster than other players. This year, EA members enjoyed a 10-hour early access trial that gave them access to pre-launch challenges and rewards. The challenges included special Ultimate Team objectives.

EA members could also take part before other players in the Deadline Day launch event. The EA membership program has two tiers. The basic membership costs €3.99 per month. The Pro subscription costs €14.99 per month. You can save by subscribing for one year in advance. FUTeamGo can also help you boost your game. they provide FIFA 21 coins and players at special prices.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)