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How to get your money back after a scam?

We are living in an era in which cash carrying and paying is becoming outdated. Most companies and countries prefer e-payments. On the one side, they provide a fast payment method and governments love them because they are able to keep track of the goods being bought and make sure the companies pay the taxes. Even omitted is the cost of printing money which is a big bonus.

And make sure you’re well-prepared if something like this happens and you, we wanted to share a few choices that can be crucial in recovering the amount lost. But let’s see first what your first steps should be after knowing you were scammed.

What to Do

Logically, the first thing you should do when realizing that you have been scammed is to immediately contact your bank. You may be eligible to receive immediate refund if you act fast. The bank is likely to open an investigation and settle the issue.

You can also reach out to companies specializing in the handling of scammers. Their goal is to get your refund and make sure things like that don’t happen again. If you have been a victim of a scam, do not hesitate to check out Payback, a company that helps companies and everyday people recover the money you lost.

Companies such as Payback can prove a valuable asset, particularly for people in the binary options industry. The binary options industry has proven to be rife with scammers capable of draining down your money to the last dollar.

Now let’s see what other options are available for you, depending on the method of payment you are using.

Credit Card/Debit Card

Even though they offer similar facilities, credit and debit cards vary considerably. Credit cards are a bit safer when dealing with cases of this kind. Many government acts protect credit cards and make it easier to get the money back. The process is a bit more complicated with debit cards, as you would have to keep hoping that the bank will agree to pay off the robbed amount or transfer the funds in your account.


The Buyer Protection scheme at PayPal allows you to be refunded in certain situations. This is the best Online Shopping System. Also, the scheme will protect you if your account is hacked and you use your funds without your authorization.

If your product does not arrive at your address if it arrives but it is impaired, the Buyer Protection program recovers your funds.

A Safe Alternative

One of the alternative methods of payment which you can use is Bitcoin. Bitcoin has proved to be a fairly decent and reliable method of payment since its rise to power. Yes, you have anonymity in transactions which makes it impossible to track them in the event of a scam, but Bitcoin has proven to be a very reliable financial instrument in the last 10 years. And you would be surprised to see all the things you can buy using this cryptocurrency.

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