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different small business ideas

Different small business ideas



A job that few people feel like doing is, for example, bookkeeping. That is precisely the reason why you can earn your money with this. Companies laughingly pay a few tenners an hour to have invoices booked and the administration kept in order.


Are you a pro with an accounting program like e-bookkeeping or Informer? Then you can outsource this skill well. You can even connect companies that don’t have an accounting program yet to your chosen software and earn affiliate commission from it as well.


What do you need?


Knowledge in the field of administration

A laptop

Tax know-how

Trading cryptocurrency

Trading in cryptocurrency can be a great way to make a huge amount of money. Do you have some extra pennies to spare and do you understand economics, cryptocurrencies and markets? Then earning (extra) money by trading is certainly possible.


However, it is wise to use the cheapest exchange so that you never have to pay too much. Trading does involve some risks though, so having the right knowledge is very important. With the Crypto Masterclass you are already well on your way to making money with cryptocurrency.


What do you need?


Knowledge of economics, crypto and markets

Starting capital (doesn’t have to be much)



Do you write great texts and do you enjoy doing this for a wide variety of companies? Then a company as a copywriter might be something for you. You can do all sorts of things with it.


Do you like to write about travel, financial matters or does it not matter to you? Companies are always looking for good copywriters. Make sure you write a lot, also for yourself, and create a good portfolio that you can show to others. Is your rate in good proportion to your texts? Then I’m sure you’ll have a full diary in no time.


A good way to do acquisition for this is to email websites that you read anyway. Trust me on this, anyone who runs a website needs a good and especially reliable copywriters who keep their word. Is this you? Then you’ll have your own business set up in no time.


What do you need?


A nimble pen

A laptop

Knowledge in the field of SEO helps tremendously


Are you handy with a hammer and drill? Then you are already handier than most people. When moving house it often happens that someone needs help with hanging cabinets or making doors and hinges. 


Personally, I don’t know much about this and would therefore be happy to pay if someone could help me with this. Just recently we needed something done to the bathroom. The good material was not available and we had so pay someone for this should they be available at short notice. As a handyman with good availability, you undoubtedly have enough jobs to earn a good living. A toolbox and you are ready to go.


What do you need?


A toolbox


Eye for detail


Starting a webshop without making a big investment? That is dropshipping. With dropshipping you sell, as it were, from the warehouse of another company. You can think of a pet wholesaler, something like AliExpress (I would not do …) or whatever.


Nowadays, the larger companies are all set up for dropshipping. You create a website and provide visitors and you can sell another company’s products. You don’t have to keep expensive stock or go to the post office every day to deliver the packages.


Making sales and getting a margin between the purchase and sales price. That is your job as a dropshipper. Understanding of things like Google Ads and SEO are important, but also with social media you can get many visitors to your shop.


Woosa offers numerous plugins that help you set up a suitable dropship store. Selling from Bol, a pet wholesale company, Zalando or VidaXL is a piece of cake.


What do you need?


A laptop computer

Knowledge of online marketing

Good with numbers (margins, turnover, purchase value etc)

Note: once you register at the KVK you will receive an invoice of € 50. You can immediately include this in your bookkeeping. With e-bookkeeper or Informer this is easily arranged.



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