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Our number plates are being scanned: What is ANPR?

Have you heard of ANPR? Also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition, ANPR is a technological system using optical character recognition to have the ability to analyze our number plates on our vehicles. If you are worried about random people taking your number plate information, don’t worry too much about that. Regular people cannot purchase this system for everyday use. The parties that do use this system only use it professionally. The main parties that use the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system are law enforcement officials and businesses. If you are curious how this all works, then keep on reading this blog post and find out.


How the parties use ANPR

Law enforcement is known to use the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system to scan and save the number plate data and use that data for many things. They can locate missing vehicles and those reported stolen, the can locate people if they are missing or have been involved in some criminal activity, and they can patrol certain areas easier. 

When regular organizations use the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system, they can use it for things like business site management. So they can manage if people are adhering to the parking lot rules and regulations and more.


The way it works

Explaining the inner workings of the Automatic Number Plate Recognition can get a little bit complicated if you don’t have much of a technological background. But to put it simply, there are three main components of the ANPR system. Those are the camera, the software, and the database. The camera obviously takes the images of our number plates automatically. The optical character recognition software makes sure the important data on our number plates are extracted from the images and sent to the database. The database is used to store all the data extracted from our number plates.


The main benefits

Depending on who is using the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system and how they are using it, the system will bring different benefits to the utilizer. But here are some benefits anyone would get regardless.

  • There will be better security

  • Because it’s automatic, human error won’t be a factor

  • Traffic will be streamlined with assistance of the ANPR system

  • It’s a versatile product so you can use it in several different ways


Learn more

If you are even more curious and would like to learn more, then we suggest visiting You can find out more about ANPR there and even about other traffic management technology.