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To successfully market your products, try these channels.

The term ‘traffic source’ refers to the source of the traffic coming your way. Online, it is often used in reference to how many people visit your website. Website traffic is the total amount of people who have come to your site in a certain period of time. Traffic sources can be measured and are normally different from store traffic, which is a number indicating how many people visited a store during a certain time frame. Traffic is the number of people who visit your website. Traffic originates from the concept of store traffic, which is the number of customers who visited a store in a certain time period. Website traffic is similarly the number of users who visit your website in a certain time period. Traffic can be measured by its source. The Odyssey channel which is best analyzed with multi-touch attribution is affiliate marketing. 


Understanding where your website visitors are coming from can give you insight into what is working for your marketing campaign. Understanding the source of your traffic also reveals the intention of the visitor; customers who came via very specific search terms (bottom-funnel marketing) are more likely to make a purchase than visitors who came from an awareness ad (top-funnel marketing). Think about where your website traffic is coming from. It will help you understand how marketers are gaining visitors, what activities are working, and what strategies are bringing in a customer. The traffic source also tells you what type of visitor is coming to your site. For instance, a visitor who comes through a Google Search (bottom of the funnel marketing) is more likely to buy than a visitor who sees an awareness ad that communicates something about your brand values (top of the funnel marketing). It’s no secret that marketers need a better understanding of the sources of their website traffic. Why? Well, understanding where traffic is coming from gives them insight into what activities, third parties, or strategies are helping them to gain visitors. Furthermore, a deep understanding of your traffic sources provides you with better learnings when you are using revenue attribution.


Google Analytics is the most popular tool to measure traffic sources and therefore is the entity that kind of determined the taxonomy of traffic sources that are being defined in ‘22. The most relevant sources to understand are direct, referral, and search (organic vs. paid).