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What does houses for sale cost in Aruba?

Buying a house abroad is a very nice moment, but it can also be very exciting. Fortunately, buying a house in Aruba is not as difficult as you may think. Anyone can buy houses for sale Aruba. In fact, Aruba is also very happy when foreigners come to invest in their real estate. Are you curious about what a house costs in Aruba and how best to buy a house for sale? Then read this article further. 

How do I find a house in Aruba?

There are of course countless companies and websites on the internet that offer houses for sale. You can sit down and scour every website to start looking for a home, but the easiest thing to do is to hire a real estate agency. Palm Realtors is a real estate agency in Aruba that would love to help you find a home that meets your taste and wishes. They have a website where you can already find several houses. Whether it’s a house for sale or a rental house, a piece of land or a workspace, they have it all. 

Can anyone get a mortgage?

Anyone can get a mortgage in Aruba. You can go to a bank to apply for a mortgage and of course you need certain papers and a reasonable salary in which they can see that you can pay the mortgage. However, the mortgage interest rates in Aruba are higher than the average European countries. The mortgage interest in Aruba is currently at 5.75 percent. That is quite high for most people and that is why it is often better to pay it off immediately if you have the money, or keep saving until the money is together.  

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